September 30, 2020

Wedding at Bethany Christian Fellowship / East Earl, PA / Kathryn & Daniel

Wedding Photography, Wedding Videography

We had the privilege of photographing/videoing a second sister's wedding from the dear Lapp family. This was the last wedding of the year that I did before our baby girl was born, and I was 37 weeks pregnant!! I was so nervous I was going to go into labor before or on the actually day of the wedding, but I made it through (phew!) And I was so happy that I was able to be there and capture their special day for them.

Kathryn chose the perfect color for summertime...HOT PINK! So fun and vibrant! Apparently Kathryn couldn't find any comfortable shoes to wear on the wedding day that matched that color, so get this....she painted her sandals! You have to scroll through and check them out - you would never even know by looking at them!

Typically we take the formal wedding photos right after the ceremony before the reception, or before the ceremony if the couple does a first look. However, for Danny & Kathryn's wedding, we took most of the formal photos at the end of the day after the reception! Because they had such an early reception that wasn't super long, the timing just worked out better to do it that way, and it was awesome because they had a ton of time for formal photos then. We traveled to the Walnut Valley Guest House for all the formal photos since there weren't a lot of great photo spots at the church where they got married, and it was beautiful!

One of the photos Kathryn requested was the whole bridal party standing in the shape of a heart. To get this shot, you have to be pretty high up, so I brought a ladder along to attempt to get this shot for them - it ended up not being high enough. My husband, who was along doing video, suggested that he take the shot with his drone, and I was like YES, of course! So that was fun to experiment with and I'd love to experiment more with in the future...or have my husband experiment with it at least because I have no idea how to use his drone, haha. So if any one ever wants wedding video, you might get some fun drone shots in the mix too ;) You can check out their highlight film at the end of this blog post.

We had so much fun with Kathryn & Danny and their bridal party - everyone was so wonderful to work with and it was truly an honor shooting their wedding day <3 <3 <3 Congratulations to this outstanding couple!!


Kathryn & Daniel's highlight film