July 21, 2021

Wedding at The Barn on Bridge / Collegeville, PA / Lauren & Ethan

Wedding Photography, Wedding Videography

Venue | The Barn on Bridge

Caterer | Robert Ryan Catering & design (The Barn on Bridge)

DJ | Dan Breslin from Silver Sound

Cake | THE Master's Baker

Lauren & Ethan's wedding was one of the many weddings that was rescheduled due to covid, which I was actually thankful about, (I realize that sounds terrible - I will explain why...) We had their engagement session a couple years ago and we fell in love with these two - their laughing was contagious and they were so much fun to be around. Later, I had a surprise pregnancy and found out that my due date was literally on Lauren & Ethan's wedding date. My soul was crushed when I found out because I was looking forward to Lauren & Ethan's wedding so much, I had no desire to be pregnant at the time, and I hated the fact that I had to call Lauren to let her know I was not going to be able to photograph their wedding anymore. I stressed so much over it, and I am grateful that Lauren was so understanding about it all and as sweet as can be. We ended up getting another photographer friend lined up for her wedding day and had the backup plan all worked out. Aaaaaaand then covid happened... So they had to push their wedding back, which meant that I was now free again to photograph their wedding <3 <3 <3 I feel like these couples that have had to go through wedding planning together through covid came out stronger on the other side...I am blown away over the love and unity of our brides & grooms and their families that we have witnessed lately.

Lauren & Ethan's best man planned out a first look surprise...Ethan thought him and Lauren were going to have a "First Touch" before the ceremony, but SURPRISE, it was his Best Man dressed up in a wedding dress instead!! hahahaha, needless to say, it was hilarious! I have been waiting for someone to do this for a long time, and I am so happy it finally happened. We love being in on wedding day surprises ;)

Mother Nature went crazy on Lauren & Ethan's day! It went from cloudy, to sunny, to rainy, to stormy, and then back to full sun...our cameras had a workout that day, that's for sure, haha! They decided to keep their ceremony outside because the radar looked pretty good....and then of course in the middle of the ceremony it completely down-poured on everyone! Some people ran for cover, and some people just got wet and embraced it...Lauren & Ethan seem to be the type of people that embrace the situation and enjoy the moment. I absolutely love their expressions during the ceremony...nothing else mattered to them except for each other. I thought the rain ended up being the perfect touch :)

Lauren and Ethan had their niece as their flower girl, and it's obvious that they love that little girl so much...I just kept thinking how wonderful they are as an aunt & uncle and what great parents they would make someday. Speaking of parents, you'll probably notice going through the photos that half the bridal party is pregnant! haha! Lauren had me take a photo with her and all of the baby bumps in her bridal party - I loved that idea! They totally need to re-create that photo once all of the babies are actually born :)

I could tell right away that Lauren was a planner, and wow, did she plan a pretty perfect wedding day! She always seems to be concerned about everyone else and on her wedding day she wanted to make sure that everyone was having a good time (and believe me, everyone definitely had a good time!!). You have to scroll down to the end of the blog post and check out their highlight film. The whole time we were at the reception as I was photographing beside my husband who was videoing, I just kept saying, that's not fair your footage is going to be so much better than mine! These people were doing back flips and all sorts of crazy stuff!

Enjoy scrolling through their rainy/sunny/stormy/perfect wedding day.


Lauren & Ethan's highlight film