December 3, 2020

Wedding at the Merion / Cinnaminson, NJ / Shanae & Donte

Wedding Photography, Wedding Videography

Shanae & Donte's wedding was one of the most formal weddings we have ever photographed. The Merion was absolutely stunning, and all of the black and gold details were so classy looking! Apparently the venue typically has 3-4 weddings going on all at the same time, but because of COVID, all of the other weddings cancelled on the day they were getting married, so they actually got the whole place to themselves, (woot woot!)

We were originally supposed to photograph engagement photos for Shanae & Donte, but they were scheduled literally when the shut down we kept having to reschedule them, and then ended up just cancelling since it kept getting closer and closer to their wedding date. So we had a couple phone chats and FaceTime meetings with Shanae and she had such an incredible attitude handling all of the set backs due to the pandemic. Shanae not only has incredible taste, she has also got crazy skills...check out her shoes she wore during the reception - she made them herself!!

It was so precious watching Shanae & Donte's two sons throughout the wedding day - I love that they were included and had such a big part in it all. And let me tell you, these people knew how to paaarrtaayyyyy!!! I don't think the dancing ever stopped...which was great for us! We will often get bored and run out of things to photograph at the reception, but not at this wedding! I remember being so exhausted afterwards because we barely could catch a break, haha, there was always something fun going on to photograph! Alpine Entertainment did an incredible job with the pyrotechnics & dancing on clouds...scroll through the photos below and check it out for yourself!


Shanae & Donte's highlight film