October 16, 2020

Wedding at The Barn at Stoneybrooke / Atglen, PA / Chelsea & Jared

Wedding Photography, Wedding Videography

Chelsea & Jared were one of the most chill couples we have worked with - they were so laid back with everything and just kind of went with the flow :) We ended up running way behind schedule before the ceremony, but somehow we caught right back up and ended photos before the ceremony with time to spare! Probably because the bridal party was so well behaved ;) haha! I loved that Chelsea and Jared added so many personal touches throughout the day and there were so many intimate moments we were able to capture...the Bride's first look with her Father, the Bride & Groom's "first touch," the letter reading, the gift exchanges, the separate private vows Jared read to his Bride, and their last dance at the end of the evening before the sparkler send off where it was just the two of them, (and me taking photos of course haha).

Jared certainly seems like quite the romantic. And Chelsea had me laughing all day with her quirky comments :) The whole bridal party was fantastic to work with and we had quite a few good laughs! There was one point when the groomsmen, (and grooms-woman), wanted to set up a photo in the cornfield acting like they were pulling Jared in the corn with them. I love when bridal parties have a pose they want photographed - I just sit back and document what happens, and usually it is pretty hilarious. I'm sure Chelsea & Jared will enjoy looking through those photos. Scroll down all the way to the bottom of the blog post to see it happen in their wedding highlight film!


Chelsea & Jared's Highlight Film