October 27, 2020

Wedding at St. Andrews Lutheran Church / Perkasie, PA / Carol Anne & William

Wedding Photography

VENUe | St. Andrews lutheran church

Caterer | Paragon Catering

Florist | Always Beautiful

DJ | RAK Sound

Dress | David's Bridal

Carol Anne & Will were originally going to have their wedding on New Year’s Day, but decided to move it up earlier so they could have a smaller wedding outdoors. They got it in just in time before it really started to get cold out, (however the reception was pretty chilly when the sun went down!) Everyone was up and dancing, so that certainly kept guests warm. Holly knows Carol Anne and her family from Highland Park, a Christian camp meeting, so that was nice to have that connection. Holly’s family knows the Perkasie area well, which is how I found out about the Perkasie Carousel…Holly’s parents, Ronnie and Dave, brought it up about a week before the wedding, (thanks Ronnie and Dave!), and we were like YES that’s a great idea to try to get photos with the Carousel! The Perkasie Carousel is located right beside Lenape Park, where we were planning on taking formal photos of the bridal party after the ceremony. We are so thankful to the Perkasie Historical Society for allowing us to use the Carousel for photos - it has been shut down since COVID but they were willing to come and open it up for us to use for the wedding photos. When I had the bride & groom pose on the carousel, Carol Anne informed me that the horse we chose to sit them on was the horse that she always wanted to ride growing up, and someone close to her actually painted it - how fun is that?! It just made it all the more special. 

The flower girls and ring bearer consisted of three kiddos under the age of two, one of them being their precious daughter, Olivia. So there were lots of tears, laughter, and adorableness :) I was actually very surprised how well Olivia behaved and stayed so happy - she was all smiles till the end of the night, (and I heard she didn’t even have a nap that day!) We had so much fun celebrating with these two and their family and wish them the best in their new life together <3