January 25, 2021

Wedding at Britain Hill Venue & Vineyard / Quarryville, PA / Katie & Joey

Wedding Photography

Typically we have a timeline set in place a couple months before couples get married...with Katie & Joey's wedding, we were discussing wedding plans only one week before their actually wedding day because of all the uncertainties with Covid. Apparently they had a back up plan, AND a back up plan to the back up plan, haha, so they were prepared no matter what happened. They did know that they were getting married on January 16th no matter what. And I told them that we would definitely be there to capture it ;) 

It sounds like they were able to stick mostly to their original plan that they were hoping for and their wedding day ended up being absolutely stunning! The getting ready locations, the ceremony, and the reception were all within a couple minutes of each other, so we were able to travel back and forth without losing much time, thankfully. They got married at Mechanic Grove Church and then the reception was held at Britain Hill Venue & Vineyard. The staff at Britain Hill were so accommodating and great to work with. The girls were able to get ready there in the bridal suite and everything was set up for the reception already so we were able to get photos of all the decorations untouched. They even had a Christmas tree set up still, which added a nice touch to the photos. Everything was beautiful!

After the ceremony, we knew we only had about 10 min of formal photo time before it got dark outside, so we gave a heads up to the bridal party that we only had a short little window of time for photos. And, like most weddings, the wedding day was running a little behind schedule and by the time we got the bridal party set up, it was already after sunset. To be honest, I was freaking out a little bit inside and I was nervous that there was not going to be enough light to get formal photos done outside...but we worked fast, (really really fast haha), and the light ended up being beautiful! I haven’t really experimented much with shooting during blue hour, but I loved how the photos turned out! So as you scroll through, all of the formal photos done after the ceremony were taken pretty much when it was dark outside. That’s not normally a thing we do, but maybe we should do it more often haha! It certainly helped that we were up on a hill in a wide open space and thankfully it wasn't too cloudy.

Katie & Joey's wedding day was lovely from start to finish and we had so much fun capturing it. From the blush colors to the winter touches, everything was gorgeous! There were also so many adorable kids there, and kids always make wedding days more entertaining to photograph, haha! I love that Katie & Joey were able to include their niece and nephews. I can tell that both of them come from great families who support and love them. Enjoy looking through some of the moments from their special day...