January 20, 2021

Wedding at Grace Baptist Church / Lancaster, PA / Mikayla & Derek

Wedding Photography

Mikayla & Derek FINALLY got married! haha, we were waiting a long time for this one ;) They were supposed to get married back in summer of 2020 but, as every wedding story goes this year, it got delayed, and they got married in January instead. I'm sure it was strange going from having a summer wedding to having a winter wedding, but I thought it was absolutely perfect and meant to be. Mikayla had this beautiful long veil, but then she also got this gorgeous winter cape to wear for photos, (similar to Belle's from Beauty and the Beast). They, (or at least Mikayla), are all about Disney, and she truly looked like a Disney princess on her wedding day <3 <3 <3

I know Mikayla & Derek from our church and I am so thankful to be friends with both of their families and capture this special day for them. I know it was difficult to manage, planning around Derek's military leave and COVID, but it was all worth it. During these times it's such a good reminder that it's not about all the little wedding details, (although they are super fun), but it's more about the marriage....and anyone that was there that day knows that Mikayla & Derek's marriage, centered around Christ, is a strong one, with amazing family and friends supporting them through it. Mikayla & Derek's joy was contagious and they are so adorable together.

Their wedding ceremony and reception were early in the day, so I suggested going to another location to get more photos after the reception since we didn't have a lot of time after the ceremony. So after the reception, which was done around 4:00pm, we traveled to Conestoga House and Gardens for some formal photos of just the Bride & Groom. This ended up working out perfect because Conestoga House and Gardens is (literally) a minute down the road from Grace Baptist Church, where they got married. The Conestoga House was such a stunning place to take photos, even in the dead of winter AND even when there was construction going on, haha, we just worked around it :) I also have to give a shout out to Derek - he had such an amazing attitude about taking MORE photos at the end of the day. Most Grooms would roll their eyes at the thought of taking more photos, haha....the day was all about his bride, Mikayla, and just seeing how he treated her made my heart happy.

Alright, I'll stop rambling on - enjoy scrolling through the photos!