Wedding at the Barn at Stoneybrooke / Chester County, PA / Nicole & Jonathon

March 31, 2022 Wedding Photography, Wedding Videography

Here's another super fun cowboy wedding at the Barn at Stoneybrooke featured on the blog today! Photographing at Stoneybrooke never gets old :)

Nicole & Jonathon's wedding was so beautiful! They were so wonderful to work with and were so easy-going and willing to do whatever for one point they literally laid down in the tall grass to get a certain shot that I was imagining, and there were all these tiny grasshoppers that started jumping on them! I would have freaked out, (I'm clearly not a bug person), but they were just so chill taking it all in. From that moment on I was like oh my word I love these two so much <3 They also know how to throw a party! At one point Jonathon even got a chance to DJ, haha. Everyone was having so much the whole day through.

We learned that Nicole & Jonathon are huge animal lovers, hence all of the horse decor at the reception. So of course they were all about getting some photos with the cows at Stoneybrooke ;) It's like the cows knew they loved animals, they just came right over to them, haha (but seriously it's usually hard to get photos with those cows - they don't like people!!) We also learned that Nicole is a huge Beetlejuice fan and there was a surprise guest appearance of him at the reception! I'm not going to lie it was a little terrifying seeing a man with a mask on creeping down the stairs towards everyone, LOL! You have to scroll through the photos to see that moment for yourself :)


Nicole & Jonathon's highlight film