Wedding at Strasburg Railroad / Strasburg, PA / Maura & Patrick

June 19, 2023 Wedding Photography, Wedding Videography

Ever since COVID, we are seeing more and more smaller weddings booked on weekdays, (like not including Fridays), which we are all about! So when Maura contacted us about her wedding on a Wednesday in April, we were like YES! When we found out the wedding was going to be held at the Strasburg Railroad, we were like YES, PLEASE! :) Now we can cross a train wedding off of our bucket list ;) We had the chance to FaceTime Maura before the wedding, and we fell in love with her! Not only was she so down to earth, she was like superwoman with all of the wedding plans! They ended up having to change their wedding day last minute to the following Friday because they weren't going to make it back to PA in time due to some military issues, but it all worked out and it ended up being a beautiful day! We started off with the bride & groom's first look, followed by lots of group photos. Then they had a quick ceremony on the lovely Marian #88 train, followed by a first class train ride through Lancaster County. It was simple and fantastic :)


Maura & Patrick Highlight Film