August 1, 2021

Wedding at Hmong Alliance Church / Leola, PA / Kana & Wanter

Wedding Photography

Kana & Wanter's wedding day was so delightful. These two are seriously the sweetest and we just enjoyed their company and being around their friends and family so much.

We started off the day with the Bride & Groom's first look. They wanted to have it at the gazebo where they got engaged at East Lampeter Township Community Park. I have been to this park many times with my children because it's pretty close to our home, (and Target haha), and I never realized there was a whole other part of the I took my kids to the park to scout it out before Kana & Wanter's wedding day, because I was feeling a little uneasy about this location to be honest, but when you follow the walking path all the way down, it's gorgeous!! AND the gazebo they were talking about was in full shade, (which is a bonus for photographers!) I found out later, that they didn't just pick this park for photos because it was pretty...Kana's late father used to take her there, and because of that Kana & Wanter visited this park together many times and later Wanter proposed to Kana there, because it reminded her of her father. The story had Holly & I in tears...I love when locations have a story behind them, especially when they are as beautiful as that one.

After Kana & Wanter's first look, we took all of the formal photos at the park and then headed over to the ceremony and reception at their church, Hmong Alliance Church. They recently built a huge gymnasium addition and they were so excited to use the new space for their wedding. A gym is typically not pretty, however, they GLAMMED-OUT this gym!!! Kana's one request was lots of lights, so they had this super long tunnel of light as the aisle and it made the most stunning back drop! To top it off, the wedding favors were diffraction glasses that turned all the lights into heart shapes - how fun is that?!! We tried to get a photo of it through the glasses so you can kind of get the picture (if you scroll through the photos and want to check it out).

The reception started off with toasts...I have never seen or heard that many people come up to bless the bride & groom...I think the toasts went on for almost...2 hours?? Which is amazing! Kana & Wanter are clearly very loved and supported by their friends and family, and it was an honor to witness.

We noticed they had colorful macarons out on the dessert table, so we picked 3 of them out to do a ring shot. I have always wanted to do a ring shot with macarons because I'm weird that way LOL! I put Kana's wedding ring on a blue one, Wanter's on a red one, and the engagement ring on a yellow one because it matched the gold in their rings. Later I found out that Kana's favorite color is blue and Wanter's favorite color is red - how perfect is that?! And by the way I keep referring to Wanter as "Wanter," but apparently he goes by "Billy" and only strangers call him "Wanter" but I feel like we know him well enough to start calling him "Billy" now, right?? ;) BILLY was such a good sport during their engagement photos because I kept calling him "Walter" because that's my dog's name and I couldn't get it out of my head, hahahaha. Anyone who knows me, knows I am terrible at names...I'm sorry - I am really trying to work on it lol.

ANYWAYS, we love these two - enjoy scrolling through and seeing some of our favorites from their wedding day <3 <3 <3