November 4, 2020

Engagement Photos at Kilgore Falls / Pylesville, MD / Brittney & JC

Engagement Photos

I was so happy that Brittney & JC wanted to venture out to Kilgore Falls with us for their engagement photos. I have been wanting to check the falls out for awhile now. I thought it was too good to be true - a short hike to see waterfalls less than an hour away?? Brittney & JC actually had been to the falls once before, so we let them lead the way. The falls did not disappoint and the hike is short and easy. At one point, we had to cross over on the rocks where the water was, and I completely slipped and fell in!! It was SO embarrassing and hilarious at the same time...I ended up walking back sloshing in my shoes. Pro tip for next time; wear shoes that can get wet at the falls! LOL

Brittney & JC also brought their precious pup, Crue, along for some adorable photos. I just wanted to snuggle him he was so cute!! See for yourself below...