June 18, 2020

Engagement photos at Hibernia Park / Chester County, PA / Kathryn & Danny

Engagement Photos

I am SO excited to be photographing Kathryn's wedding coming up this year! I teach Kathryn's sister, Marlene, violin lessons and one day Marlene told me that her sister, Kathryn, was engaged, and I was like WHAT?! Which one of your sisters is old enough to be getting married?? The last time I saw Kathryn was at her other sister Lena Rose's wedding, (who is a dear friend and we also had the privilege of photographing her wedding), and I didn't realize how old she was, she just looks so young! Which is a great "problem" to have, I wish I had that problem ;) haha! Anyways I was nervous that I wasn't going to be able to shoot Kathryn & Danny's wedding because they are getting married in late August, but I told them the last date I was going to be accepting weddings was at my 36 weeks point - and that's exactly when their wedding is! So it will be a wonderful wedding to end on right before my baby comes and I go on maternity leave. I am also so happy for them that they are still able to have their wedding this year despite COVID-19. It's a been a rough year for all of us and my heart breaks for all of our Mellonberry couples who have had to change their wedding plans last minute.

I love when clients suggest new photo locations that I've never heard of before. Kathryn & Danny wanted to have their engagement photos done at Hibernia Park in Chester County and it did not disappoint! This was our first shoot after months of not being able to shoot because of COVID-19 and I was so excited to get my hands back on my camera! Of course the weather was looking awful! The forecast was all over the place saying it was possibly going to rain and/or storm so I asked if they wanted to reschedule, but they wanted to move forward with the session in hopes that the rain would hold off, (and later I found out that it was actually Kathryn's birthday so of course she wanted to have the session on her special day)! Right as we pull into the park, it starts raining. We were watching the radar and saw that it was passing through, so we decided to wait it out. After FORTY-FIVE minutes of waiting, (which felt like forever), the rain FINALLY stopped and we were able to squeeze their engagement session in before it got dark out. I would love to go back and explore the park a little more when we have more time, but I loved the shots that we got at the Hibernia Mansion and Chambers Lake.

Just like Kathryn's sister who got married a couple years ago, Kathryn & Danny are saving their hand holding and kissing for their wedding day. Soooo, their engagement session was what I call "hands off" which means that I had to pose them without having them touch each other. Sounds difficult, right? After doing a couple sessions like this I think I got the hang of it now, and I love how these turned out :) Take a look for yourself!