May 3, 2021

Engagement Photos at the White Cliffs of Conoy / Bainbridge, PA / Jamie & Matt

Engagement Photos

We're back at it again at one of our favorite photo locations, The White Cliffs of Conoy! As many times as we've been here, we've had such different experiences. There are multiple things that contribute to the different experiences each time...the time of year we go, the weather, and the couple that we are photographing. This time when we went to the cliffs with Matt & Jamie, it was a cloudy day, (we were even contemplating rescheduling because of the chance of rain), which worked out perfectly because apparently these two love cloudy/rainy days. They have a bit of a gothic style, and their wedding this fall, (which we are so excited for), will be Halloween themed!! So, I brought along some candles and thought it would be fun to experiment with them because sometimes on our way back from the cliffs, it gets dark, and I knew that they would love those dark photos. Because it was complete overcast, it got SO dark...SO the time we got to the cliffs we didn't have much daylight to work with (*silent screaming inside). So thank goodness for those candles to give us some light to work with at the end, haha! We really had to embrace the blue light after the sun went down, and I kind of love how the photos turned out. I feel like they really match Matt & Jamie's style, which is the important thing :)