July 8, 2020

Wedding at EBIC / Elizbethtown, PA / Juli & Kyle

Wedding Photography, Wedding Videography

We all know that the year 2020 has not been ideal. My heart especially aches for all of our Mellonberry couples who had their dream weddings planned and then they had to change all of those plans last minute. However, I am SO impressed with the wonderful attitudes of all of our clients, like Juli & Kyle, who have decided to turn lemons into lemonade. This season has been a good reminder that it's not about the wedding, but about the person you marry and I hope this pandemic has made couples grow even closer to each other.

I am so happy that Juli & Kyle were able to keep their wedding date... It was a lot smaller than they had planned, but it was an absolute beautiful day and we felt privileged to be a part of it. Lancaster entered into the green phase just in time for them to invite some more guests than originally planned to come watch the ceremony at least, (with masks and proper social distancing measures of course). This was our first wedding of the year, due to the virus, and we were so excited to be back at it again! We were only there doing photo coverage for a couple of hours, and we did not stay for the reception, so the day flew by so quickly! We had a couple smaller weddings this month, and we were talking about how we need to get back in shape for the end of the year when we, (hopefully), go back to full wedding days again! haha

Juli & Kyle got married at Elizabethtown Brethren In Christ Church and then we headed to Elizabethtown College for formal photos afterwards. After photos were finished, they celebrated with a very small reception with just their families. I know these intimate wedding ceremonies were not anyone's original plan, but I think they are so sweet and am really growing to love them! We had a pretty tight timeline for the day since we were only there for a couple of hours, so I was a little nervous about timing, especially if anything started running behind, (which typically happens because the girls are never ready on time, haha!) but Juli & Kyle were amazing to work with! Juli apparently is a very organized person, and I remember the wedding planner even saying on the day of that she totally didn't even need her to help wedding plan because Juli had everything covered already! Their day was so joyful from beginning to end and it was such a great way to start out our wedding season this year - so thank you, Juli & Kyle, for making our jobs easy :)

***I have to add that I have never heard of or seen wooden flowers before... but they are one of my new favorite thing for weddings now! You have to check them out in the images below, (and YES, those flowers you see are all made of WOOD!)


Juli & Kyle's wedding highlight film