Wedding at LEFC / Alana & Tyler / Lititz, PA

April 20, 2022 Wedding Photography, Wedding Videography

My sister-in-law's dear friend, Alana, contacted us to photograph their wedding back in November. How gorgeous are those November colors?! Alana's husband, Tyler is one of the youth pastors at Lancaster Evangelical Free Church and he wanted to get their wedding photos taken at this beautiful farm just down the road from the church, so that's what we did! That was pretty much the only input we had from these two - Alana & Tyler were so laid back about everything and weren't super into the details; they were just so excited to be married :) Their wedding day ended up being so joyful and beautiful and I can tell that their marriage will be as well <3

We started off the day with a few getting ready photos and then Alana & Tyler had a private first look together, (no photos allowed). I wish I could have seen their reactions because let me tell you, these two are SO cute together!! We met them and the bridal party at the farm down the road from the church and the lighting was perfect. We were able to get that warm sun coming through the yellow trees, which made the bridesmaids' Neptune blue dresses really pop. This was a fun group to photograph because I know some of the bridesmaids, (one of them being my sister-in-law, Kelly, and then my niece, Selah, was a flower girl).

After the formal photos, we went back to the church for the ceremony & reception, so the rest of the day was fun & easy! Their ceremony was so Christ-centered and when they had congregational worship, they sang one of my favorite songs; In Christ Alone <3 <3 <3

After the ceremony, they were ready to celebrate and party! Alana & Tyler invited the whole youth group to come to their wedding, so their reception had such a different vibe than we're used to because there were so many kids there, haha! It was so fun to watch Tyler interact with the youth - it is clear that they really look up to him. Everyone was up and dancing, even my adorable nieces ;)

AND THEN, one of the greatest things happened...Tyler made up his own rap for his bride, Alana, and he surprised her with it at their reception. And you was SO GOOD!!!! Seriously you have to scroll down to the bottom of the page and listen to it; I am still so impressed. I love (*good) surprises at weddings and capturing people's reactions. I know I'm a photographer, so I feel like I shouldn't say this... but sometimes photos don't do the moment justice - but that's why there's also a video option! I'm sometimes so jealous of what my husband, as our videgorapher, gets to capture at receptions lol. So be sure to check out their highlight film, which is also at the bottom of the blog ;)


alana & Tyler's highligh film

check out the video below to see the groom rap for his bride