May 18, 2021

Maternity Photos at Longwood Gardens / Kenette Square, PA / Katrina & Matt

Maternity Photos

Katrina and Matt are old, dear and best friends of mine. So I was over the moon when I found out they were pregnant again. Katrina told me, very matter a factly, back in October when we were at a work day for the camp we grew up at together. In fact, I kind of did a double take cause I wasn't sure I heard her right! She's like well, I'm starting to show so I figured I'd tell you. Haha! Fast forward a little and we found out it was a GIRL! And I was just over the moon again, they already have a little boy and now this little girl would complete their family.

Since their maternity photos were to take place in February we had limited options for a great location. I'm so glad we ended up at Longwood Gardens, because you can't go wrong there any time of year! During their shoot, Katrina, again very matter of factly, says, oh by the way if you could not post any of these photos online until after we send out birth announcements, because pretty much no one knows we're pregnant. I said, WHAT?! They said, well, we haven't seen many people because of the pandemic and we figured when will we ever get a chance to surprise everyone like this again?! I was super bummed because I was so excited about the photos, but obviously I was all about respecting their wishes. So, now that it's the middle of May, please enjoy these snowy February photos!