Behind the Scenes / 2023

March 20, 2024 Behind the Scenes

Hi there!

We are Bri (specializing in weddings) & Holly (specializing in newborns) and WE LOVE OUR JOB! ***most days, anyways... :) Enjoy scrolling through some of our BTS silliness...

One of the reasons Bri likes being behind the camera is because she is really awkward when it comes to getting her photo taken.

Holly, on the other hand, is a ham!

Nice try, Bri.

Oh's the hunchback of Mellonberry!

Here's Holly trying to steal the show from the actual Bride....

Two things Bri cannot go without during wedding days; Holly & her clipboard!

Holly showing off her hands

Holly showing off her Spanx!

I had Holly read over the blog, and she commented about how pasty white her legs looked in the spanx photo, so I gave her a nice leg tan in this next one LOL

Nobody puts Holly in a corner!!

We love having each other to do lighting checks...aaaaand this is usually what they look like...

Here's me doing a lighting check for Holly, posing with my pretend baby.

We also are there to give each other helpful of our most frequently asked questions is "is this cool, or stupid?"

this one was definitely not cool.

And these are just creepy. It's like the Blair Witch Project...the Mellonberry Witch Project.

And here are some of our ideas that were total FAILS!

We really do love capturing candid moments...embarrassing reception dancing photos are our fav!!!

I'm happy to show you the embarrassing photo I just took of you - just ask ;)

HAHA, Holly's face says it all - you can tell she got a good one!

I absolutely love the people I work with...mostly Holly and Chris :)

Chris is Mellonberry's videographer (and my hubby!)

we're really great at getting our photo taken

why so serious??

that's better.

And what would we do without our vendor friends?? It's such a good feeling to know and love the fellow vendors you are working with on a wedding day because we're all on the same team!

Someone is NOT amused by the almost sparkler bomb.

This is the moment I thought LeeAnn said "Grandma's got boobs!!" when in fact she said "Grandma's got MOVES!!" hahahaha

LeeAnn's got moves!! ;)

Jeremi creepin....

We really love our clients too <3 <3 <3 and Brides...on your wedding day, we got you!!!

We will hold your dress up in the rain!

We will hold hors d'oeuvres for you during sunset photos

We will make sure the guys don't drop you!!

We will take silly photos of your groom for you.

We will help you put your jewelry on when no-one else can because they all have fake nails...

We will keep you warm with blankets!!

We will clean your heels off

We will help you get your shoes on :)

We will help you decide if you want to play a song during the first look or not...

We will carry your the ends of the earth...

We will trim your bouquet for you

We will help you empty your pockets

We will make sure you are all set for your first look :)

Holly will show you how to properly cut the cake on your wedding day, because let's be honest...nobody really knows how to do that.

We really like cake...

Holly is an expert veil fluffer!! I mean, just look at that form!!

Sometimes the veil flies off...but we always catch it!! hahaha

we'll even fluff your hair for you! ;)

Holly is ALSO an expert dress fluffer...

she especially loves dress fluffing on really windy days!! ;)

and sometimes Holly gets a little carried away...

Me *attempting* to fluff the dress...usually I get frustrated and just tell Holly to PLEASE HELP ME.

Another thing that Holly is better at than I being taller.

I literally bring a stool with me to all of our sessions.

The dance floor is especially hard to get photos of when you're shorter than everyone else and can't see what's going on!

I'm so short, people can take photos right over my head

Look at all of these guys trying to steal my job...

Here's Holly trying to get a taller vantage point for once.

Sometimes we get in each others way...and sometimes it's intentional.

See me waaaay out there on the right side?

I needed to get closer...

"I'm sorry Holly did I get in your way?"

I'm just going to stand right here in the middle of the aisle., if you don't mind.

We really like to hog the middle of the aisle...

We also like to appear in the same spot that you are trying to get a photo...

I feel like this is the worse place for us to be standing...I don't remember what was happening in this photo, but WHAT IS UP WITH OUR FACES?!

Sometimes you'll find us in interesting positions to "get the shot"

or maybe I just wanted to lay on the ground because I was tired.

Even if we look ridiculous, you can trust us when it comes to posing our clients!

"Posing large groups is my favorite!" - said no one. ever.

Two things we love, (even though they are usually really hard to work with), are puppies and children <3 <3 <3

Holly and her animals friends along the way...

How many people does it take to get a toddler to smile at the camera? In this case, 3. Plus a light up wand, the baby shark song on YouTube, and the promise of snacks.

and some kids just have more interest in watching the lawn mower....

BALLOONS; the one thing kids always love!

trying to get the balloons just right...

Here are some more behind the scenes of our studio sessions, which are held in Holly's home!

Holly creates backdrops for cake smashes that are OUT OF THIS WORLD! (see what I did there??)

And the newborn sessions are one of a kind, I love seeing what she comes up with next! :)

One panda....

Many pandas!!

Sometimes studio session are...MESSY!

there's spit up...

There's poop...

so. much. poop.

There's cake...everywhere!

But we have dear Theo to help us clean up the mess ;)

We always practice safety first for newborn sessions...while Holly photographs, I keep my hands on baby

No, this baby was not actually sleeping and swinging in midair. We just make it look that way. Holly is basically a magician.

A lot of people don't realize that for newborn sessions, we actually want the baby to be sleeping...the whole time! :)

When they are awake they make some pretty funny, (but adorable), faces...

Some babies DO NOT like when you take their pacifier out!

Being a photographer, there are a lot of unique opportunities...

Such as getting to take our kids on the Strasburg Railroad to scope it out for a wedding ceremony...

Riding in limos...there wasn't enough room for Holly...

Getting to hangout with horses!

Hiking to waterfalls...

Getting to dance with friends at weddings...

Witnessing culturally different wedding festivities, such as the Hora...

Having confetti bombs explode on you...

We like to have fun :)

I mean, our job is never boring...

okay, sometimes our job is boring...

and sometimes it's hard.

Holly is NOT amused...LOL

but we can load up on coffee to get us through.

All joking aside, we really do love our job, and are SO grateful to all of our clients, family, and friends who have supported us through the years. You all are amazing - WE LOVE YOU and couldn't have done it without you <3 <3 <3 We are excited to meet all the new couples and precious babies (yet to be born) this year!!


Bri & Holly