Behind the Scenes / 2022

January 8, 2023 Behind the Scenes

This is one of our favorite blogs of the year...looking back at all the BTS footage! We love laughing at ourselves and making our clients laugh as well. We truly love our job, (most days, haha), and feel so blessed that we have been in business NINE years now, (this summer will be ten!) That's all thanks to our wonderful clients - THANK YOU for another great year <3 <3 <3

Enjoy scrolling through our silliness...

this little girl drew a picture of us with our cameras at a wedding and told us that she thinks we like each other because we follow each other around with our cameras all day, LOL

Holly is the lead for newborns - here are some photos of her doing what she loves...

I, Bri, am lead for our weddings - here are some photos of me doing what I love :)

If you didn't know already, my hubby, Chris, is our videographer! We often fight over the same spot to get the good shot ;)

Even though we love our job, that doesn't mean that it's always easy.

sometimes we have rough days

sometimes we need to sit back and kick our shoes off, (and show off our really cool camera socks)

sometimes you have to sit on a wheelchair in a closet to eat your dinner

sometimes you literally fall asleep standing up

sometimes you get dirty

sometimes there are tornados you have to take shelter from

sometimes you have to wake up reaalllllyyy early

sometimes you get pooped on

Sometimes we get to see or work with friends, which always brightens our day!

Sometimes we get to witness exciting things - like mermaid sitings!!!!

We try to do whatever it takes to get the shot....

like standing on a pile of uneven boards

sometimes trees/bushes get in our way...

sometimes we have to take necessary measures

Apparently my favorite shooting angle this year was from the ground...

Not only do I like to lay down on the ground, I also like to make our clients lay on the ground!

Sometimes we end up on the ground without even trying it...

This isn't a typical photo of someone falling down the stairs, I remember falling UP the stairs. How does someone even do that?

This is one of my favorite photo progressions...notice Holly's hand on the right from fluffing the veil...

and she's down!!! She completely fell backwards. But we got the shot and it was so worth it, LOL

And there is sweet Jeremi, one of the venue coordinators, rushing to her side to see if she's ok. I just stood there taking photos of it all as it went down. I know Holly would do (and has done) the same to me ;)

I'm obviously pretty short and like to stand on a stool to get certain shots

I often set my stool down somewhere and then decide not to use it at all. I then forget about said stool and Holly ends up picking it up and babysitting it for me.

Oh look, I'm lying down again...beside my stool...I'm literally doing the exact opposite of the purpose of the stool.

Sometimes I forget my stool and have to find higher ground, such as giant boulders.

I'm so short, both Chris and Holly are just able to shoot right over my head.

We are full service here at Mellonberry...

We'll make sure you don't fall when wearing high heels

we'll clean your mirrors and windows

we'll hold your keys for you

we'll hold your flowers for you

we'll make sure there's nothing on your face

we'll give pregnant ladies a hand

we'll block the sun and provide shade

we'll make sure all of the tiny dogs don't pee on your wedding details

we'll feed your babies

We'll help you get dressed

We'll carry your dress

We'll make sure your dress doesn't blow away

Holly is an exceptional dress fluffer!

This is a photo of me being a failure at fluffing the dress...I just sort of plopped it there. This is why I need Holly.

Holly is also a professional veil thrower. Check out that form!!

whoops, a little less throw next time, Holly

Holly backing into something during the veil least she didn't fall down this time LOL

I know Holly is tall...but she looks like a giant in this photo

All joking aside, I appreciate Holly SO much on wedding days, I don't know what I'd do without her.

spotting the rings

moving signs, (but always putting them back of course)

Holly and I always shoot together. Only on rare occasions do I have to find another second shooter. Shout out to Flavia Chiquita of FC Photography who helped me out on NYE!

We also appreciate helpful vendors, such as Jenn & her team from Stoneybrooke! We are so grateful that they pin on the boutonnières and drive us and the couple around on the golf cart!

sometimes you need TWO people to help with the dress if the train is long and has multiple layers!

Here's Jeremi trying to sneak into all of our photos...

We love any venue that has a golf cart!

Here's Holly giving "the talk" to the bridal party... :) the talk is basically letting the bridal party understand that the sooner they cooperate, the sooner they get to go to cocktail hour and the more photos the bride and groom will get!

Here I am talking through the First look with our brides and grooms. I have really grown to love first looks!

Sometimes Holly and I get in each other's shots...

We often use each other to check the lighting.

WARNING: these next set of images are super flattering...

I call these next set of images "I Don't Know"...I literally can't remember what is happening in these images and why we have the reactions that we do hahahaha

Why is Holly squeezing this plant? I don't know.

Is Holly dancing? I don't know.

More dancing???

Sometimes I upload Holly's photos onto my computer and I think to myself, why? This photo is a perfect example...why did she think that I wanted a photo of all the leftover sparklers lit up in a trashcan?

Caption this...

I am having a cringe attack right now, is it showing?


Is this what you want? Because this is stupid.

*screaming inside* NOOOOOOOOOO

Oh, I'm sorry did I just walk in front of your camera?

What, you gotta problem with my dress fluffing skills??

Ew, why are you showing me that?

The name's "Berry"...."Mellon berry" your service.

Hey Mr. Cart Man, what are you wheeling over there? Got any cokes?

Preach it, brother

Ughhhhh Im getting to old for this

It's sunny and I don't like it

This is Holly and her winter coat...

Holly wearing her winter coat inside during a wedding in April. She likes to bring her winter coat along to weddings all year long "just in case it's cold!"

She never left the heater's side.

This is Holly and my clipboard...

This is Holly chasing around cats...

We love cake. Wedding cakes, birthday cakes, cake smash cakes...ALL kinds of cake!

Sometimes parents need to help during cake smash sessions if their child ends up not liking the cake as much as they thought they would, haha!

Holly has been enjoying her new cricut this year...she has been busy making cake smash and Christmas mini banners <3 <3 <3

We also love kids! I feel like half our job is trying to get kids in, (or out of), the photos and trying to get them smile :)

During our newborn and other studio sessions, we practice safety first. We want our clients to know that their babies are in safe hands. And lucky me, I'm all hands on baby while Holly photographs them.

Newborn yawns are the CUTEST!

Hey, don't call me cute.

What do you think you're doing?!

The newborn session essentials...pacifier, wipes, baby shusher, and phone

When you have 5 kids under 5, you call in for extra help! Shout out to Heather for giving us another hand with newborn twins.

We'll end our BTS blog with some goofy photos of us from our Mirror Photo Booth.

And that's a wrap for 2022! We are looking forward to all of the weddings and babies born in 2023!! :)