July 14, 2020

Backyard Wedding / Millersville, PA / Sarah & Bryan

Wedding Photography

Sarah & Bryan decided to have an intimate backyard wedding ceremony with just their immediate family members for this year due to the obvious circumstances. It was such an honor to witness and everything was beautifully done. There were so many meaningful touches to their special day...one of them being a chair in honor of Sarah's sister who passed away...it had her bridesmaids dress and bouquet on it. Her sister also painted the gorgeous ring box that they used to display their rings. I always appreciate knowing the meaning behind all of the little details, it just makes them that much more special.

Their friend who married them was live on a computer screen and they also were able to live stream the ceremony! After the ceremony they had their first dance followed by some formal photos. We were only there for two hours total since we were basically just photographing the ceremony, so I am happy knowing that we will get to see Sarah & Bryan again next fall for their reception, where they will get to celebrate with all of their friends and family who were originally supposed to come to their wedding.

For now, I hope you enjoy some of these snap shots from this sweet, sweet couple's wedding <3