Wedding at the Promise Farm / Manheim, PA / Sarah & Stanley

August 11, 2022 Wedding Photography

It was our first time being at the Promise Farm for Sarah & Stanley's wedding - what a beautiful property!! The weather that day couldn't make up its was super cloudy and I was nervous it was going to rain and then it was full sun! Back and forth it went like that all day, which kept us on our toes, haha!

The day didn't start off quite as expected for anyone; Sarah & Stanley were both not feeling themselves, and then the makeup artist ran about two hours late because of a flat tire, (yikes!) I felt so bad for this sweet couple!! Nobody deserves to go through that on their wedding day. Sarah & Stanley decided they wanted to do a first look and get all their photos done before the ceremony, and I was so excited because we originally had all of this time planned for photos, and then it was almost all gone!! But it all ended up working out just fine :) Sarah, Stanley, and their bridal party are troopers and we got through the photos we needed to in a short amount of time (phew!) We went a little out of our typical order and got all of the guys' formal photos done before we even started the girls "getting ready" photos.

Their ceremony was very Christ-centered and beautiful, and when it comes down to it, I guess that's the most important part of the day :) After their ceremony they had a very short dinner reception, (which is why you won't see a bunch of photos from it), and then they were off!

It was such an early beautiful evening, we ended up having our own mini photo shoot with one of my friends who attended the wedding, (shout out to Cindy!!) We had a lot of fun ;)

It was such a privilege capturing Sarah & Stanley's wedding day, I hope you enjoy looking through their photos <3