Wedding at the Barn at Stoneybrooke / Atglen, PA / Tori & Marco

April 6, 2023 Wedding Photography, Wedding Videography

We had Tori & Marco's engagement session back in 2020, (yes, some good things did come out of that year, haha). We usually follow our clients on instagram and I remember seeing that they had a BABY!! Precious baby Matteo was born in March of 2022, and Tori & Marco's wedding was coming up in October of 2022...that made him about 7 months old at their wedding. I have to say that he was the cutest bridal party member I've ever seen ;) I was impressed with how Tori & Marco handled themselves, a baby, and a wedding...I feel like I would have been a mess! But they were totally chill, and baby Matteo was so happy, (I mean he had this very serious look about him most of the day lol, but he was totally content). There was always someone willing to hold him of course, (myself included - I'll take any baby snuggles I can get my hands on).

The details of Tori & Marco's wedding were so exquisite! I remember feeling giddy when Tori handed me all of these ribbons and flowers to play around with :) I am obsessed with their fall pallet...

We had a great vendor team to work with again, so we knew it was going to be a good day. And their reception was so much fun - scroll through to see for yourself! The lit up "LOVE" sign made for some awesome photos!


Tori & Marco's Highlight Film

"We loved having Bri and Holly as our photographers! During 2020, we had our engagement shoot and the pictures came out beautiful and we couldn't wait for our big day! Fast forward two years and the time was here. Bri and Holly were great the day of, even when we were running behind and all our detail shot items were in another car on the way still (fail! lol) They still managed to get almost all the pictures I sent to them before hand. I know if we had more time we would of been able to get so many more beautiful pictures.Would definitely recommend!" - Tori