December 2, 2020

Engagement Photos at Springton Manor Farm / Glenmoore, PA / Michelle & Scott

Engagement Photos

I have a love-hate relationship with the rain... I love listening to it as I'm falling asleep and I love playing with my kids in it and jumping in puddles...I do not like rain on wedding days or when we have scheduled sessions, especially when it is calling for 50% chance rain. If it's going to rain I just want it to be 100% chance so that we know and we're all prepared, haha! If it's over 50% chance of rain we always give our clients the option to reschedule. For Michelle & Scott's engagement session, the chance of rain was pretty high, but it looked like it wasn't going to rain until later in the day, so we moved their session earlier in hopes of getting it in before the rain hit. And then as it got closer it looked like the rain was coming no matter what time we had it, so I asked if they wanted to reschedule and they were like, nah, let's just go for it! Soooo it totally rained on us almost the entire time, but Michelle & Scott had such amazing attitudes about it all and we had so much fun with them! Also, I feel like you can't even tell that it's raining in most of the photos and the lighting ended up being great!

We also had a lot of fun with the goats at the farm! Now, whenever we visit Springton Manor Farm, we have to say hi to the goats and Holly takes a selfie with the same goat every's her new best friend, hahaha!

I remember Michelle & Scott saying something along the lines of not needing perfect weather for their engagement or wedding photos to have a great day or a great marriage. These two are the real deal and I am so excited to photograph them again for their wedding next year :)