Engagement Photos at the White Cliffs of Conoy / Marietta, PA / Molly & Jordan

September 20, 2022 Engagement Photos

We had such a fun time hanging out with Molly & Jordan during their White Cliffs of Conoy engagement session! We found out that they are fellow Sheetz and squishmallow lovers, haha. We always have the best conversations with couples on the walk to the cliffs. It was a HOT and humid walk, but I was amazed at how nicely Molly's curled hair stayed so pretty, lol! She was smart and brought an extra pair of shoes to walk in, which Jordan carried for her, like the gentleman he is. We were lucky to have a gorgeous sunset and Molly & Jordan agreed to get in the water for some photos, which I am so happy about because I think those were some of my favorites from their session. Scroll down through their photos to see for yourself :)