Engagement Photos at Longwood Gardens / Kennet Square, PA / Rachel & Peter

April 12, 2022 Engagement Photos

I know Rachel from way back in her early years of middle/high school when she was a part of the youth group that I help out with...how can she be old enough to be getting married already?? (*insert crying emoji) When she contacted me about possibly doing an engagement session and photographing her wedding, I was overjoyed! More-so because I knew I was going to get to hangout with her again, haha. And I loved getting a chance to meet her new fiancé, Peter, who seems like such a gentleman by the way! We had so much fun getting lost together at Longwood Gardens ;) I still don't think I've walked the entire grounds there yet and I have been there so many times! It never gets old though <3

I am super excited to be a part of Rachel & Peter's wedding this coming November. Enjoy scrolling through their engagement photos till then :)