Mellonberry Photography | Newborns

Let us start by saying, we love babies! Newborn sessions are some of our very favorite sessions to do. Your precious little one is only a newborn for a very short amount of time and we take much pride in being able to capture your bundle of joy so that you can forever remember how they were when they first arrived. 

It's never too early to contact us about your newborn session. Ideally, we'd love to hear from you during your pregnancy. We will mark your due date on our calendar so that we have a general idea as to when your baby may arrive. Once they have arrived, you will contact us again and we will officially schedule your shoot. Newborn sessions should take place within the first two weeks of life, with the sweet spot being around 5-10 days. This ensures that the baby is still very sleepy and flexible - which makes it easier to get them into those cute poses!

If your baby has already arrived, and even if they are past the two week mark, don't hesitate to contact us. We're always happy to shoot any baby of any age! 

Our newborn packages start at $300, please contact us for more information!