Mellonberry Photography | Wedding at Brick Gables // Lititz, PA // Anne & Wilco

Wedding at Brick Gables // Lititz, PA // Anne & Wilco

June 25, 2018  •  2 Comments

Anne & Wilco


Ceremony: Lancaster Alliance Church

Reception Venue: Brick Gables

Florist: Rachel Allison, (a friend of the Bride)

Wedding Doughnuts: Krispy Kreme

Wedding Dress: Country Threads by Gail

Hair & Makeup: Fearfully & Wonderfully 139

Hashtag: #mcfliery



May 19th, 2018 was a very special day... Not just because of the Royal Wedding, but because this was the wedding day of ANNE & WILCO!!! ;) This lovely couple met while serving on board the Mercy Ships in Africa and they now reside in the Netherlands, (I mean, how cool is that?!) 

These two are seriously the sweetest...and even though we didn't get to know them very well before the actual wedding day, (since they weren't in the area), they were SO easy to work with and were so natural and wonderful together!! Seeing them together made my heart happy :)

Their ceremony was held at Lancaster Alliance Church, but they wanted to do the first look and all the other photos elsewhere. We were originally going to take them to Lancaster County Park, but it was supposed to downpour the whole day, so we decided to use Brick Gables for photos since they were going to have their reception there anyways. It ended up only spritzing a little, so we were able to go outside for most of the photos which worked out perfectly because Brick Gables is gorgeous!!! See for yourself ;)  We actually started the day off with formal photos and the first look right away, but I was still able to grab some detail photos off the bride. Details are my favorite!! 
Lovely hair, (and makeup), by Tiffany Buckwalter from Fearfully & Wonderfully 139.

Gorgeous dress from Country Threads by Gail.
We did the First Look at a place where we could run inside quick if it started raining, but we are so happy that the rain held off! And I love the look of the silo! It had this perfect nook where we could hide Wilco away :)  Praying together before seeing each other <3
I love Wilco's reaction!!! Goof balls ;) Moving on to some Bridal Party shots. As you can see, this was a very small bridal party - they were able to follow instructions VERY well :) haha
Ha! I love Chelsea's (the MOH) reaction! Sisters are the best <3 Oh yeah, so Chelsea is super pregnant, but you probably didn't even notice until this next photo! The dress hid her bump so well!! Wilco and his best man Now some more photos of just the Bride & Groom... Wilco is a strong man...I had him hold up Anne like that for quite awhile! Then they both just started losing it and laughing. Have you ever experienced that where you start having a laughing fit and you just lose your strength?! I am thankful that he did not drop her, hahaha! 

On to the ceremony at Lancaster Alliance Church... There were so many cute babies at this wedding...we couldn't help ourselves from taking LOTS of photos of them hahaha The ring bearer making his debut! Pound it ;) You may kiss the bride!!! Pure joy! Back over to Brick Gables for the reception...

Now THAT'S my kind of wedding cake ;) Krispy Kreme mouth is watering just from typing the words!!!

Wilco's family is dutch, so they incorporated a lot of dutch details everywhere - so fun!  Best wedding favors EVER. An array of Dutch Sweets...some of them were very...interesting! LOL

Wilco and his family had me try the Salmiak Pastilles...and they all waited for my reaction. I tried to be polite, (which was hard because it was extremely salty!!!) and they all just started laughing at me, hahaha! They totally tricked me! I'm sure they had a lot of fun feeding those treats to all of the non-Dutch guests! ;) So guests not only got to take doughnuts home, they also got to take these adorable Dutch Wooden Shoe Magnets home <3  I love kid friendly weddings! And this wedding was VERY kid friendly :) Look at all this fun stuff!
Anne & Wilco hiding away before their grand entrance.  Here they come! 
Anne & Wilco's wedding reception was very unique. There was no music or dancing, however, there was a lot of story telling and game playing! We had so much fun - it was extremely entertaining! :) I told you - so many cute babies!  Here is the moment where Wilco whips out a machete to cut their doughnut... LOL! This wedding reception was full of surprises and had us laughing so much!
Here are guests acting out how Anne & Wilco's first date went...
They also played To Tell the Truth, (just like the TV game show), which was hilarious! The Shoe Game! I played this one at my own wedding :)  I love Anne's determined "game face" in this next photo haha
#mcfliery Sparkler Exit <3 <3 <3 It held off raining the entire day until now, which was kind of perfect. & off they go!
Anne & Wilco, thank you so much for letting us be a part of your special day - you and your families were such a joy to be around!  We would take your wedding over the royal wedding any day ;) We hope you are enjoying married life and your new home in the Netherlands. <3 Best wishes to you both!!




I feel like this really tells the story of the day. I was sadly on a plane at the time and couldnt even catch it live from the ship. Well done on this capturing this amazing photo story!!
You guys captured the day so well! How fun to look back and re-live all those memories :) Such a great time working with Mellonberry photography- you guys were fantastic!!!
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