Mellonberry Photography | Wedding at Brantwyn Estate // Wilmington, DE // Melanie & Sean

Wedding at Brantwyn Estate // Wilmington, DE // Melanie & Sean

March 18, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Melanie & Sean


Venue & Caterer: Brantwyn Estate/DuPont Country Club

Florist & Cake: Forget Me Not

DJ: Wedding Bug

Wedding Dress: David's Bridal 



Melanie & Sean's wedding was held at Brantwyn Estate, which was a former DuPont family's elegance was breathtaking.  I loved the Georgian architecture, the wallpaper and furnishings in each room, and the spiral staircase, (*sigh).  As Holly and I were driving closer to the residence, we noticed that there was SNOW on the ground! Back in Lancaster, all of the snow had melted already and I didn't even think about the fact that there was snow in other places!! haha. I wish I would have been better prepared with my choice of shoes that day...but oh well! ;)

I had met Melanie & Sean last year during Sean's sister's wedding that we also photographed...(you can check out her wedding here).  It was fun to see familiar faces...and I just love Sean's family so much! & Melanie's family turned out to be pretty cool too :) Melanie & Sean's wedding was a wonderful way to start off our wedding season this year. <3

We started off with some detail shots like we always do...can you guess what room these photos were taken in? THE BATHROOM!  This is the nicest bathroom I have ever seen in my life. 

Kelly & Katie shoes <3

Jimmy Choo fragrance <3

Alright, we are out of the bathroom now and into the bridal suite :) Loved this bookcase wall...
I love the pops of color in the bridal bouquet by Forget Me Not.
"Now is the time" get married!!! ;)  So many of our brides lately have had two pairs of shoes; heels AND flats. Why didn't I think of that when I got married?? Actually, Melanie had brought a third pair of shoes, a pair of winter boots, in case she needed them out in the snow! There was always a path to walk around the snow, so she didn't end up having to use them, but it was smart thinking! 


Popping the bottle of champagne is one of the scariest parts of the wedding day! (HAHA) I always just tell the bride to make sure that it's faced away from me and my camera ;) This next photo made me laugh so hard, though - the struggle is real! 
Click this link here from Real Simple to see some tips and a video of how you can safely open up a bottle of champagne (for all of you future brides out there!!!)

Dress time!


Gorgeous!!! It was a bright & sunny day, which made the cold a bit more bearable, however it made it difficult to find good lighting for photos. This spot right here was our "go to" spot for the day. Isn't it lovely? ... Isn't she lovely?? :) Lovely ladies <3
& on to the guys...this was the floor above and below the spiral staircase. As soon as I saw it, I was like, "we have to do something with that floor!" and I was so glad that Holly incorporated it with the guy's detail shots :) 

What a great group of guys! 


First Look
Sean's reaction was SO sweet <3

There's that warm sun coming through! Poor Melanie had to have been freezing...she had such an amazing attitude the whole day and was so easy to work with. We love her <3 Melanie's veil had a mind of it's own. I didn't even realize that it was windy and it kept moving all of these different ways, but it came out beautiful in the photos! Normally I'll have Holly "veil fluff" for me, but we didn't even have to do that this time around ;)  Love this goofy guy... We went back inside before the ceremony to hide away from guests arriving. 

Here come the ladies to get set up for the ceremony! (Did I mention that I love that spiral staircase?!)

It was a beautiful ceremony! Afterwords, we went back outside for some more photos!

Most excited bridal party member goes to Sterling! (second guy behind Sean) These two had us laughing all day... Got some more solo shots of Melanie & Sean. Isn't she gorgeous?!!
As I am editing through photos of Sean, I always have two different versions; one "normal" looking one, (see photo on the left), and one where he is making his famous face, (see photo on the right).  HAHAHA He is quite the character!
These two are seriously so cute together. The sky was so colorful when the sun went down! <3


Back inside for the party!
Krispy Kreme doughnuts - apparently this wedding favor is a family tradition. Ummmm...BEST TRADITION EVER! Yummy desserts all around! First dance as husband and wife! Father-Daugher Dance Sometimes I get lucky and people actually look my way ;) haha & Mother-Son Dance Toasts  Cake time!  They both got smashed!! Dancing the night away!
I love Sean's grandmother. I remembered her from his sister, Erin's wedding - she's got a lot of spunk for her age! Let me see you get low! 
This picture made me laugh so much! This is Sean's father with...with his shades on (LOL) & then I love his brother-in-law, Drew's face/hands in the background!! 
We always have fun trying to get some sort of night shot towards the end of the evening, and I just loved this big window on the front of the estate; it was perfect! Melanie & Sean, thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your special day. You two are such a joy to be around and your wedding day was an absolute blast!  We appreciate your kind hearted attitudes and hope that we will get to see you both again in the future.  Love you guys!



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