Mellonberry Photography | Engagement Photos in Lancaster City // Lancaster, PA // Michelle & Chris

Engagement Photos in Lancaster City // Lancaster, PA // Michelle & Chris

March 08, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

We've had our fair share of cold winter sessions this year, and I think Michelle & Chris' engagement session was one of the coldest!  I hate wearing gloves, (even the fingerless ones), while shooting with my camera, and I had to give in and wear them for this session! #firstworldproblems

We had a BLAST walking around the city with these two; they are so fun to be around! :)

We originally wanted to start taking photos at Steinman Park, but there was a wedding shoot taking place. So, we decided we could go back to that spot later and we made our way over to central market. There was another wedding shoot taking place there! Apparently it was a popular day to get married in the city! haha! We just kept on walking and found this fun wall of windows...I love city shoots because there are always new spots to discover.

The snuggle is real <3 :) 
I think I'm in love with the black diamond! Such a gorgeous ring!  Baby it's cold outside! LOVE these wedding date mugs!! 12/21 ...I wish my wedding date was that cool, haha Serious face? Nailed it! 
Sometimes photos come out blurry, and that's okay! I absolutely love this next photo, even though it's not perfectly in focus...there's just so much joy in it and it's completely unposed. Those are my favorite kinds of photos. 
Talk about texture! Love this wall :) 


Michelle & Chris are going on tour...and this is their band cover... :)


We had an audience for the bench shot below. There was a man that came and sat on the bench on the other side of the path, and just watched Michelle & Chris. I'm not going to lie, it made me feel a little uncomfortable, but it didn't even phase them, they were just like "eh whatever." HAHA.  Wait to embrace the awkwardness!  It's always fun getting a reaction from by-standers while doing a session in a public place...Usually people end up cheering couples on or congratulating them once they see that they are engaged. That's always fun :)

Michelle & Chris, we had SO much fun getting to know you were absolutely wonderful to photograph and we can't wait to photograph you again for your wedding in December.  We are excited that we will get to see you before then at some other weddings taking place that you might know of  :D  Hopefully you don't get sick of us ;) haha

Thanks again for choosing us to be your photographers <3 Good luck with all of the wedding plans!!



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