Mellonberry Photography | Engagement Photos at White Cliffs of Conoy // Marietta, PA // Erica & Cory

Engagement Photos at White Cliffs of Conoy // Marietta, PA // Erica & Cory

February 08, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

We were so happy that Erica & Cory were brave enough to venture out in the cold and hike to the White Cliffs of Conoy with us! We LOVE LOVE LOVE this location! However, it is quite the walk! made me realize just how out of shape I was LOL 

Funny story...I wasn't sure how to get to the cliffs, so a couple weeks before our session with Erica & Cory I wanted to go check it out and figure out how to actually get there. Plans kept falling through and I FINALLY was able to go check it out only a day before their session. I was coming from another event nearby where I was dressed up, (didn't think to bring a change of clothes or shoes), and it was raining. I thought you could just drive up to the cliffs, (ha), but when I got to the little parking lot I realized that you had to walk to the cliffs...almost 2 miles away! I still wanted to check it out of course so that I knew what to expect.  So I the high heels...the entire way to the cliffs and back!

BAHAHA I certainly got my workout that weekend! It was so worth it though, and I was overjoyed that Erica & Cory still wanted to get their photos there, even if it meant that they would have to do all of that walking. 

Who else loves walking and talking? I do!! This was our first time meeting Erica & Cory, so it worked out perfectly that we had all of this time to walk & talk & get to know each other :) They turned out to be super sweet, (of course), and we are SO excited for their wedding coming up this summer! 

Before you even got on the hiking trail, there is this gorgeous view of the water - and this good looking couple made it look even better ;) 

They brought their dog with them, (yaaaay!) So we got a couple shots with their precious pup. & oh my goodness she's SO cute...I wanted to take her home with me! And look - she even has her own jacket <3

There were a lot of sweet photo opps along the way...

We made it to the cliffs! :D 


Love that view...

I loved watching these two interact with each other...I feel like people in love are so easy to pose - you just kind of let it happen :) 


Erica & Cory, we loved getting to know you both on our long walk ;) You two are perfect for each other and we are so excited to see you again on your WEDDING DAY :D (Which will be here before you know it!!) Good luck with all of the wedding plans in the next couple of months - can't wait to see it all come together :) 




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