Mellonberry Photography | Newborn Photos // Lancaster, PA // Samantha

Newborn Photos // Lancaster, PA // Samantha

September 13, 2017  •  1 Comment

Well, better late than never I suppose! Sam is almost 5 months old now, but I'm finally getting around to blogging her newborn photos!

***Quick Disclaimer: This blog post does not represent a typical newborn session. These photos were taken over the course of a month, which is why there are so many different set ups.


This very first photo that I took... there are no words. It chokes me up every time I look at it. In front of my two precious, miracle babies lays all kind of needles and medications that were used during our fertility treatments.

Infertility newborn photoInfertility newborn photoPhoto of newborn baby girl and big brother surrounded by infertility drugs used to conceive them.

Oh this next shot cracks me up. Naturally since I'm a photographer I wanted to incorporate a camera somehow. We had her all set up and ready to go, I took this test shot to make sure my settings on my camera were correct and then before we could pull the pacifier out of her mouth she startled and refused to go back into this pose. I decided I don't care, it's too cute not to keep, even if she does have a huge pacifier in her mouth!

newborn photo with cameranewborn photo with cameraPhoto of newborn girl with tiny camera.

I love this bonnet... and this girl!

Newborn girl in bonnet and crateNewborn girl in bonnet and cratePhotos of newborn girl in cream bonnet and soda crate

If you haven't already read my story about this fortune from a fortune cookie, you can check it out here. It's a good one!

Newborn photo with fortune cookiesNewborn photo with fortune cookiesPhoto of newborn girl with fortune cookies and fortune.

I've been marching, spinning, teaching color guard for the majority of my life. So when we found out we were having a girl, I knew I wanted to incorporate a flag and sabre into a photo with her!

Color guard newborn photoColor guard newborn photoPhoto of newborn girl with flag and sabre color guard equipment.

Oh the sibling shots... I knew they would be a challenge with our almost three year old and he did not disappoint! Somehow, you can't even tell from looking at these shots I was able to get, they're absolutely perfect to me. Siblings photo of newborn girl and her big brotherSiblings photo of newborn girl and her big brotherNewborn photo of baby girl and her older brother.

Newborn girl photosNewborn girl photosPhotos of newborn girl in basket

Sibling newborn photosSibling newborn photosPhotos of newborn girl and her older brother

All three of my babies! Newborn girl, brother and dogNewborn girl, brother and dogNewborn photo of baby girl, older brother and dog

I was so excited to do this train shot for Lucas! We have a 20x30 canvas of this shot hanging in his room, he loves it! Newborn photo with big brother and trainNewborn photo with big brother and trainPhoto of newborn baby girl and her big brother, who is playing with trains and train track shaped like a heart

Sam and Bean, my youngest and oldest.

Photo of newborn and dogPhoto of newborn and dogNewborn girl and English Springer Spaniel

Pretty in purple...

Newborn girl photoNewborn girl photoPhoto of newborn girl in purple

...and peach!

Newborn photo of baby girlNewborn photo of baby girlPhotos of newborn baby girl in peach/pink

I think this is my favorite photo ever of me... those sweet little eyes of hers. <3

Newborn girl and motherNewborn girl and motherNewborn photos of baby girl with her mother

Daddy and his princess! Newborn girl with her fatherNewborn girl with her fatherPhotos of newborn girl being held by her father


I had read many times that doing your own newborn photos is EXTREMELY difficult, but I decided to give it a go anyway. It's true, it is SO hard, haha. But I think all the frustration and tears (and there were a lot!) were worth it in the end.





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Oh my goodness Holly, they are all so perfect! I love them ALL. I'm sure it wasn't easy, but you got such precious, precious images. Love, love, love!!!
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