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Senior Photos // Lancaster County Park // Laura

October 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Oh, Laura...where to begin?!

She's a smarty pants, (in a good way), she has a great sense of humor, she has great taste in movies & books, (as you will see from the photos), and she is REAL. She doesn't try to pretend to be someone she's not, and I really appreciate that about her. 

I have watched Laura grow up in our church youth group and it seriously makes me feel so old, seeing all of these kids become seniors!! I now have the privilege of working alongside of her at AWANA, a kids club at our church. She leads the kids' small group time and does an amazing job and is such a great role model to the kiddos. God is very apparent in her life, and I admire the beautiful young lady that she has become. 

Laura loves to read, so I thought it would be fun to incorporate the "bookworm" side of her :)  #treasureisland  Treasure Island, Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter...there are some good selections in there!! ;)  LOVE that necklace!  Laura was brave enough to climb up this gorgeous tree over the creek... Doesn't that look like an amazing spot to read a book?! haha Love the shoes! <3 Near the end of Laura's shoot we were driving and running around trying to catch some of the sunset before it completely disappeared. That's a hard thing to do in Lancaster County Park because you are surrounded by trees!! I still love these couple shots that we got...

After the sun went down, we spotted a corn field to finish up some photos because we remembered Laura had an outfit change! I love the pop of color with the pink cardigan... 
"What is this...children of the corn??" - Laura's mom (LOL)

Laura - you are beautiful inside & out. Keep being YOU because you are awesome!  

Thanks for entrusting me with your senior photos :) haha, see you around ;)




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