Mellonberry Photography | Newborn Photos // Carlisle, PA // Lydia

Newborn Photos // Carlisle, PA // Lydia

January 11, 2017  •  2 Comments

Lydia's grandmother and my mother went to school together. I had heard the names of their family for years growing up and remember seeing photos that would come in Christmas cards, but it wasn't until sweet little Lydia came along that I got to finally meet this wonderful family!

Paula, Lydia's grandmother, contacted me and after careful consideration, they decided to have us travel to Maureen and Jason's home in Carlisle for the session. This was the first time we experienced doing an in home session and it was definitely interesting! I have a new appreciation for newborn photographers who always travel to their clients home! SO.MUCH.STUFF. to haul, but as you're about to see, it was definitely worth the efforts!

Lydia's due date was right before Christmas, so we were so excited to do a few Christmas set ups with her! I'm obsessed with this little antler halo, and it looked perfect on her sweet head. I'm also thrilled we got this shot, because it's the only non swaddled shot of her we got! She was not a fan of being naked! We normally do the majority of our shots similar to this, so it was a challenge for us to complete the rest of the session with her wrapped up. She kept us on our toes!

This next set up was a bit hard for me... being an avid Philadelphia Flyers fan, being asked to do a Penguins shot was rough! Haha! I have to say though, I love the way this came out!

Something else Mom and Dad wanted to incorporate into the session was Lydia's Christmas stocking! How sweet and tiny does she look all snuggled up in this giant mitten?!

I couldn't get enough of the Christmas shots!

A family friend made this lamb hat for Lydia, I'd say she loves it!

Awake shots can be hard to capture because a lot of the time when doing photos an awake baby means a fussy, not happy, not making cute faces baby, but Lydia was nothing but content swaddled up, so I'm thrilled we got to capture these adorable awake images!

Snug as a bug in a bed. <3

Mommy and Daddy's wedding rings.

And we wrapped up with some family shots! First up Mommy and Lydia.

Fully family.

Daddy's girl.

Once again, Maureen and Jason (and Paula!), thank you so much for trusting us with your precious Lydia. We had a wonderful time visiting you guys, getting to know you and capturing Lydia's first photos. We hope you cherish them forever!


- Holly


Marie (Maureen's cousin)(non-registered)
These pictures are stunningly beautifu and you have perfectly captured the beginning of this loving family! Thank you for using your talent to capture the beauty that is the newest family member! I too am a die hard Flyers fan and have already told Maureen I can't get Lydia her first hockey jersey but I'm so glad you could look past the Penguin issue... Lol
Rita Solan (Lydia's other grandmother)(non-registered)
I love these pictures, Lydia is so adorable and you have captured her parents love for this precious blessing. Thank you for these wonderful pictures.
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