Mellonberry Photography | Gender Reveal Photos // Lancaster, PA // Holly & Matt

Gender Reveal Photos // Lancaster, PA // Holly & Matt

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It feels a little odd writing a blog post about myself... but here we go! If you're not familiar with our story, it's been quite difficult for us to get pregnant. We've been through countless days, emotions, tears, fertility treatments, dollars, etc to conceive our 2 1/2 year old son and this baby that's on the way. Because I know so many others who have gone or are going through similar situations, a lot of the time I really try to keep things about the pregnancies low key and not make a big deal out of them. But I decided, especially because I don't know if I'll ever get to experience this again, that this is a big deal and I wanted to do something fun with regards to finding out the gender. With our son we found out the gender right away during our anatomy scan at the doctor. This time, I wanted a big to-do and I wanted it to be a big surprise for us too! So we invited a small group of family and friends to witness a fun photo shoot and then come back to our home for pizza.

We had access to a beautiful farm which made for the perfect backdrop for photos! I had purchased some fun glasses and beads and when everyone had arrived, I asked them to pick what they thought the gender was going to be - Team Boy or Team Girl.

I knew that being the end of December it was bound to be cold. What I didn't anticipate were the CRAZY winds we got that day! I wanted to use smoke grenades for the reveal because I thought they would make for some really great photos, but it was a nightmare getting them lit in the wind! Our one friend decided it would be a good idea to light them under his sweatshirt... ultimately that didn't work either and I'm glad because I had visions of everything he was wearing igniting in flames! These photos of trying to get the grenades lit are just too funny not to share!

No, it's not boy/girl twins. I thought it would be fun to do a "before shot" with both colors before we had the big reveal! Last chance to guess if you don't already know!

Because of the wind, our friends who were lighting the smoke grenades had to light them over by a building and then run them over to us. Not the original plan, but it worked. Therefore we stood there covering our eyes until given the okay to open them!

Pure shock! Backstory, I love surprises... but I'm very hard to actually surprise, especially because I like to snoop - and then I'm mad at myself for doing so. At our anatomy scan we had the nurse put the gender in a envelope for us. This reveal was not until TWO WEEKS later. Surprisingly, it really wasn't bothering me and I didn't even touch it for the entire first week. Then I started to get curious, not so much about the actual results, but how they were presented (I know, I'm so dumb). I wondered what the card the results were written on looked like. So I looked at the envelop a little bit and I thought I saw the letters "b  o" written. I got so upset with myself for ruining the surprise and obviously at that point I thought we were having another boy. Turns out what I saw was "b  a" of "b a b y" not "b o y"!!!

Team girl it is!

And we finished up with one big, full group shot before heading back to get warm!

I love these photos so much and I can't thank Bri enough for capturing them for us! I also want to thank our family and friends who braved the cold and wind to come out and celebrate with us! I know some people think that gender reveal photos/parties can be silly and unnecessary, but we had a such a great time, so I highly recommend them!


- Holly


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