Wedding at Springside Barn / Lancaster, PA / Janelle & Josh

September 18, 2021 Wedding Photography

Whenever we arrive at a wedding venue for the big day, we usually go say hi to the Bride first, and when we do, we enter a busy, loud room full of girls getting ready. When we entered the Bridal Suite at Janelle's wedding, we found it neat and clean....and calm. Janelle, along with the rest of the girls, was all ready to go! She had all her details set aside ready to be photographed and everything - I was so impressed!! But I guess it didn't surprise me too much, I knew Janelle was a very organized person :) And then when we went over to where the guys were getting ready, I remember Josh seemed a little anxious but he knew Janelle had everything covered for their big day, haha.

I came home a night early from our yearly family vacation to photograph Janelle & Joshua's wedding because Janelle is a dear family friend of mine, and I have been so excited for the opportunity to shoot their wedding. I got to meet Josh at their engagement session at Nolde Forest this past spring, and I loved being around these two and hearing their story. It rained during their engagement session, but thankfully they got some gorgeous weather for their wedding day, (they deserved it!) They were originally going to ride cycle to their engagement session so that we could get some photos with their motorcycles, but since it ended up raining they obviously decided against it. So I was thrilled that we had a wonderful sunny day for their wedding because we were able to get those motorcycle shots for them, and then they got to ride away on their cycles during the sparkler exit, (which I'm pretty sure is the coolest exit I have ever seen!!)

Janelle & Josh decided to do a first look and get all the formal photos done before the ceremony. We had so much fun with them; the girls were always laughing and the guys enjoyed using their suspenders as sling shots, LOL. I loved the goofy atmosphere and Janelle & Josh are simply adorable together. They win the award for most laid back bride & groom ;) Once again, everything just seemed so calm, which is a hard thing to accomplish on a wedding day...a lot of times things are a little hectic and crazy, ha! So I've had a good feeling about these two from the getgo, even though I haven't known the two of them together for very long <3

We absolutely loved shooting at Springside Barn! They have multiple options for where the ceremony can be held, and Janelle & Josh chose to have their ceremony in front of the pond & fountain; it was gorgeous!! And then the reception *sigh ...all of the lights and white drapes hanging in the barn were so elegant looking, especially when they opened all of the barn doors up on the one side. The reception was super fun and simple...they had yard games, and open mic time, and LOTS of yummy food. And then we got to take them out for sunset photos, which is my favorite time of a wedding day :) The couple is always more relaxed and the lighting is to die for.

I love these two human beings and I can't wait to see what God has in store for them. I believe this little glimpse into their wedding day shows that they are off to great start ;)