Family Photos at the Marietta Furnace // Marietta, PA // The 'M' Family

September 21, 2016  •  1 Comment

Quin originally contacted us about getting newborn photos done for her new baby Violet, but life happens & it ended up not working out. Thankfully everything was okay and Violet is as healthy as can be! Sooo Quin contacted us again a few months later to try to set some family photos up... and we couldn't believe that baby Violet was already 6 months old!! Time goes by so quickly.  I tell people all the time to take as many photos as you can because your little ones don't stay little for very long...

Check out baby Violet & her sweet family :)

This girl was always on the move - she just wanted to play around, of course! Who wouldn't in this beautiful place? I was lucky enough to capture a couple pictures of her in these precious moments. 

Most of the shots that we got were candid, but those are usually the best ones! 

Mommy + baby <3

I loved this wall, so we got a shot of Quin & her hubby as well :) but we couldn't leave the kids unattended for too long! hahaha

We tried to get a couple solo shots of baby Violet, but at 6 months it's hard work sitting up!! lol 

There we go, that's a little better :) 

sisters <3

For our last photo spot, we walked down to the river where we had some beautiful sunlight & lots of pretty flowers! 

I just love this last photo! It is SO hard to get everyone looking and smiling at the camera when you have little ones, but this family rocked it! :)

Quin, thank you so much for letting us photograph your beautiful family - We loved getting to know you guys!!




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Looks like it was a busy summer for you indeed. That's cool. These photos are really cute. You should read about this
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