Senior Photos // Lancaster, PA // Abbi

August 15, 2016  •  1 Comment

Oh, where do I begin?? I love Abbi! She is pretty, funny, smart...ya know, all of that good stuff :) but Abbi is also unique... In a GREAT way.  & I can't really explain it, I just love that she is her own person with her own passions and I am so excited to see how the Lord will use her.  

I know Abbi from our church youth group & I was overjoyed when she contacted me about doing her senior photos!! I have always thought she was older than she is. I remember when I started helping out with youth group and I thought she was another leader :) haha but nope; she was only in like the 10th grade!!  But NOW that I know her, it is crazy to me that she is already a SENIOR! Where has the time gone??! 

We started photos at the beautiful Conestoga Gardens (which has been a popular request, lately!). The weather was perfect, the sunlight was perfect, and Abbi was perfect :)

She was such a natural for the camera, which made my job a whole lot easier ;)

AND she rocked the "serious" face!

Those flowers were a lovely match to her blue eyes! 

While I was taking Abbi's photos I really noticed for the first time how much she looks like her mom!

During the shoot, every time I would compliment and gawk over her ridiculously beautiful eyes, (I mean how could you not?!), Abbi would say "you can thank my mom for them!" hahaha :) 

There's our favorite wall at the gardens again! :) 

She has such a pretty laughing face!

Before we left the gardens, we of course had to get a picture with Abbi's honey bunny ;) HAHA

Then we left to look for the wildflower field, hoping to get there before the sun went completely down! 

WE MADE IT! & I absolutely love this place. We were lucky that there was still some sunlight left, and the sky ended up being beautiful! 

I told Abbi to go frolicking in the wild flowers...HAHA she was a GREAT "frolick-er" 

We were having a jolly old time until Abbi pointed out the GIANT spider near us!! Look at that thing!!

Abbi was brave, & I was completely terrified. 

It was SO big that I just had to take a picture of it...and didn't have any zoom lenses on me, so I had to get pretty close (ew ew ew).  

After moving FAR AWAY from the spider, we got some more shots :) 

The sun continued to go down, and the sky continued to get prettier 

We hung out until there was barely any sunlight left, and it was SO worth it - the sky was beautiful!

Thank you for asking me to take your senior pictures, Abbi! I had so much fun hanging out with you & I hope you love your photos! <3 








Sharon Gingrich(non-registered)
Absolutely stunning!!!!! Bri you are a super photographer and Abbi you are a natural!
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