Engagement Photos // Poole Forge, PA // Matt & Emily

August 11, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Matt & Emily contacted us about photographing their upcoming wedding, and we were thrilled when they wanted us to do their engagement photos as well. We love having the chance to hang out and get to know our wedding clients before their actual wedding day, and engagements photos are always a GREAT way to do that.  

Needless to say, we had SO much fun with these guys!! They were incredibly sweet and their chemistry with each other is fantastic. I didn't even have to tell them how to pose, they just did their own thing and it was exactly what I wanted - it's like they read my mind!! :) 

We love when clients suggest photo locations to us that we have never heard before, and Poole Forge was one of them! This place was all Matt & Emily's idea!!!  & as you will see from the pictures, this place was a beautiful choice! 

These two had so many inside jokes that I wanted to be a part of so badly! hahaha. Every time I asked Matt to make Emily laugh, he would say ONE word, and she would be laughing like crazy!  I just loved how natural these guys were with each other & for the camera...

This place had everything...beautiful stone buildings, long picket fences, a gazebo, a covered bridge, a creek...we were some happy photographers :) 

We were so excited that these two were willing to get their feet wet! I had to grab some pictures of Matt being a gentleman as he was helping Emily through the creek...

Seriously, they are so stinkin' cute! 

Back on land :) 

We were about to let them be on their way, but then we saw the sun going down... we LOVE experimenting with the sun, so they agreed to let us take some more photos :) haha. & these ended up being some of my favorites!

and there's that gorgeous ring again (well done, Matt!)

Matt & Emily, we truly enjoyed taking your engagement photos - on the way home we couldn't stop talking about how much fun we had & how lovely of a couple you are. We are so excited to photograph your wedding next year! :) Best of luck to you both as you plan your special day <3 







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