Family Photos // Hellam, PA // The 'D' Family

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Kelly contacted me over the summer about doing an extended family photo shoot in the beginning of October, when they'd have family in town from as far as CA! Fun back story, Kelly and I actually grew up together. Not only did we attend the same school and were in marching band together, but we actually grew up in the same neighborhood, right down the street from each other. One way or another, we both ended up in good old Lancaster County and I was delighted when she contacted us. We had planned on meeting at one location, but the weather was looking iffy with possible rain and since we couldn't reschedule, we needed to come up with an alternate plan. Kelly's brother and sister in law got permission to borrow a friend's barn in case of rain. We met at the barn, but luckily it ended up not raining and we were able to use a bunch of different spots on this friend's beautiful property!

We started with a full family shot in front of this really neat barn - which used to be a speakeasy!

Next we got a couple shots of the grandparents with all the grandkids and then just the grandchildren.

From there, we went on and got some shots of each individual family. Gotta love when a goat photobombs you!

This property was so pretty - and so fun! Who doesn't love some goats?! Especially when you get to feed them!

We finished up with a couple more group shots by this fun stone wall and fence.

I asked to grab one more shot of Kelly's family and I'm glad we did because I love the corn and silo in the background!

D Family - thank you so much again for the privilege of photographing your beautiful family! The weather presented some challenges but we had a great time with all of you! A group this large can be intimidating and often difficult to work with, but you guys were absolutely amazing! It was so great to catch up with all of you for a little bit too! Thank you again!!!


- Holly



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